• Rev. Dr. Craig Stephans

Prayers to Pray Before and After Ministry

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. - Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

Without a doubt, Scripture shows us that in this world there is more than meets the eye. The spiritual realm is real and active. I believe the spiritual warfare that occurs effects our lives more than we imagine and certainly contains more activity than is ever dreamt of in most people’s philosophy of life.

When Jesus engaged in ministry, he dealt with evil spirits. Jesus has given his disciples power to overcome the enemy by his Name. He sent his apostles and disciples out to cure diseases and to cast out demons. They even rejoiced that the demons obeyed them (Luke 10:17). In the PRC ministry, there will be times when we engage with people who have been oppressed and harassed by evil spirits. There will be times when we are harassed or attacked by evil spirits. The PRC ministry is hated by the kingdom of darkness, and the evil spirits hate what PRC’s do to help people and to highlight the sanctity of life.

These two prayers are to pray before ministry begins and to pray after a ministry session or a day of ministry. I believe they are specific to the reality of spiritual warfare that occurs in ministry. The prayer for after ministry includes a declaration against any evil spirits that may want to target PRC staff or harass the PRC ministry. These also address any spiritual opposition or curses against the PRC ministry that are generated by pro-abortion advocacy groups.

The prayers are based on those authored by Christian Healing Ministries founded by Francis and Judith MacNutt.

A Prayer to be Prayed before Ministry

In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of his Cross and his Blood, we bind up the power of any evil spirits and command them not to block our prayers. We bind up the powers of earth, air, water, fire, the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature. We break any curses, hexes or spells sent against us and declare them null and void. We break the assignments of any spirits sent against us and send them to Jesus to deal with them as he will. Lord, we ask you to bless our enemies by sending your Holy Spirit to lead them to repentance and conversion. Furthermore, we bind all interaction and communication in the world of evil spirits as it affects us and our ministry.

We ask for the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ over ourselves and our clients (or Name). We thank you, Lord, for your protection and send your angels to help us in the battle. We ask you to guide us in our ministry and to share with us your Spirit’s power and compassion. Amen.

A Prayer After Ministry

Lord Jesus, thank you for sharing with me your wonderful ministry of life. Thank you for the wonders of your works that I have seen and experienced. I realize that the sickness, evil, sin and death that I encounter are more than my humanity can bear. So cleanse me of any sadness, negativity, despair or pain that I have picked up. Keep my heart soft and full of compassion.

If my ministry has tempted me to anger, impatience, depression, bitterness or other sinful thoughts or emotions, cleanse me of those temptations and replace them with love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, patience and purity of heart. Come, Holy Spirit, renew me, fill me anew with your power, abundant life and health.

Jesus, I acknowledge again that I can do nothing worthwhile apart from you. I ask you to continue to abide in me, as I abide in you, so that I may bear fruit for your sake. Grant me more grace and more anointing to continue to accomplish the good works that you have prepared for me to walk in by your power. In all that I do may your name be glorified. Amen.

Address this paragraph to evil spirits: If any evil spirits have attached themselves to me or oppress me in any way, I command you, spirits of darkness and forces of evil to depart now and go straight to Jesus Christ for Him to deal with as He will. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my spirit, soul and body as my protection. I command any such evil spirits to leave this pregnancy resource center, and I cancel any of your schemes against this ministry, its staff and our families in the Name of Jesus.

Our Father in heaven, I ask you to commission and empower your angels to come and minister to and protect this PRC, its staff and our families. God, I ask you to give your angels power over our enemies to bind them and cast them away from us and not to let them return. I ask in Jesus name. Amen.



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