• Rev. Dr. Craig Stephans

The Father's Heart

Not in all, but in some cases of abortion, it would probably be accurate to say that the abortion is the mother’s equivalent response to the baby’s father’s dereliction of fatherly caregiving. Abortion is a violent initiative by the mother that is her misguided attempt to resolve a dilemma that she did not put herself into by herself. There was a man involved, and that man shares the violence of abortion whether he is present and active or not. Like the mother, he is responsible for that child.

Scripture shows that the Holy Spirit works to turn the hearts of fathers to their children (Malachi 4:6) God is a loving father toward all he has made. He constantly loves us and causes his grace to abound to us. He strives to inspire fathers to have the same attitude and expression toward their children as he does. We know that abortion is the opposite reaction toward children. Abortion represents the father’s and the mother’s violent aggression to their baby or their desperate helplessness in their situation.

Mature Christian men must become co-laborers with the Holy Spirit to train men to turn lovingly toward their children from conception. No man can be given a pass on taking responsibility for any child fathered and for the mother.

I believe this begins with Christian men practicing and teaching holiness, especially related to treatment of women and to sexual ethics. There are no free passes for men to use women and engage sexually outside of marriage and apart from the readiness to care jointly for a child, and abortion is not an acceptable solution under any circumstances. This reality applies to teens and grown adults of any age. It is up to the church and Christian men to set the standard for these issues for other men and to start teaching it regularly.

Upon that foundation, responsibility for parenting can be taught and expected by men who father children. This is a role that God takes seriously, and it is a role that men must also be taught to take seriously and to know that God takes it personally as well.

The mother is often alone and without the baby’s father when she comes to a PRC. PRC staff offer compassionate care and guidance that expresses the love of our heavenly Father. When the father is there, I believe it is appropriate to place upon him a burden of responsibility for caregiving for the mom and the baby. To neglect that fatherly role is a great dereliction of human duty that has no excuse but has terrible consequences. The consequence of the failure of fathers to turn to their children was that God would “strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.” (Mal 4:6) Abortion itself is a consequence of utter destruction and it reverberates throughout the lives of the parents and family to the community and nation.

With all of our endeavors in ministry, we rely on the Holy Spirit to bring about God’s purpose and transformation. When it comes to the fathers of the babies in the womb and those born, we can know for certain that the Holy Spirit is working to turn their hearts to their children for good, for life and care. PRC staff participate as co-workers with the Holy Spirit as they, too, work to encourage the father to give his support to the mother in choosing life.



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